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Welcome to the Kambah Pony Club website.
We now have a gallery of photos to view, and keep an eye out for our Newsletters.
Reminder: New Dressage Tests are to be used after 30 Jun 09 - and can be found on the NSW EFA website
There seems to be a transitional period to give riders some time to get used to the new tests, old tests are still being used in some events.
Please check all entry forms to confirm which tests are being used.
The PREP tests are 'unofficial' and have not been superceded - 2006 PREP tests remain current





18 OCT 09


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ZONE 16 Website

This links to the ZONE 16 Website 

Check here for the 'events calendar' and other Zone news


PCA NSW Website
Find all the Rules and Regulations, and loads of other events and information here at PCA NSW Website

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